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      2019-12-28Warmly welcome to vist Jodeway's exhibitions in 2020:
      Warmly welcome to vist Jodeway's exhibitions in 2020: 2020/01/05~08, USA CES ; 2020/05/05~08, Poland ES ; 2020/06/10~12, Shanghai CES (Asia) .
      2019-03-30Welcome to vist Jodeway's exhibitions in 2019
      Welcome to vist Jodeway's exhibitions in 2019: June 11st ~13rd, N1-1606, Shanghai CES Asia ; August 2nd~4th, T1309, Beijing 3E ; Sep. 8th~11st, S7-N32, Berlin IFA.
      2019-01-01USB charging current is not the same as what would be the impact on the battery?
      Now the development of charging technology is more and more complex and diverse, especially after the rapid development of charging, some mobile phones even pick the charger. Because some mobile phone batteries can withstand large charging voltage, a larg
      2019-01-01Ballast precautions and characteristics
      Electrical ballast: basic indicators of the starting voltage, working voltage, current, output power, typical cold starting current, starting current, thermal efficiency, working temperature range; the protection function is to have overpressure protectio
      2019-01-01Shenzhen Jodeway Technology Co.,Ltd.
      Shenzhen Jodeway Technology Co.,Ltd., founded in 2008, is a professional engaged in switching power supply, adapter, charger, LED driver power supply, etc. Product development design, production, sales and service of power supply high-tech enterprises.
      I, adapter, switching power supply products charger, LED drive power supply is widely used in industrial automation control, military equipment, scientific research equipment, LED lighting, industrial equipment, communication equipment, electrical equipme