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      Jodeway Electron Co.,Ltd.


      Shenzhen Jodeway Technology Co.,Ltd.

      Welcome to Shenzhen Jodeway Technology Co.,Ltd.WebsiteHome Page

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      Current Position:Home >> About us >> Corporate culture
      Positioning in the high-end of industry
      Keep a leading position in technology
      Improve quality continuously

      Enhance customer satisfaction

      All staff involved in quality management

      Positioning in the high-end of industry and keep a leading position in technology:High standards during product design and manufacture, improve products variety & technique & craft according to market demands. Let products in the same type of enterprises form a moderate lead, also keep this advantage in a state of sustainable development. 

      Improve quality continuously: Through make quality objectives, and analyze them by data, then adopt corrective and preventive measures, improve the quality management continuously, finally make product quality improve continuously. 

      Enhance customer satisfaction: In consideration of customers’ requirements,  we improve ourselves professional level and provide service of growing value to customers.

      All staff involved in quality management: Through training and broadcast ,make staff establish strong quality-mind and  service  awareness, then take part in quality management positively.

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